A world first…

Early in 2016, Greg Batsleer had a great idea.

You see, for Greg, there was something missing at the National Portrait Gallery. Sure, there are dozens of outstanding works of art; there is also a comprehensive narrated tour explaining what the pieces are, and who made them. But what Greg figured was that there could be a  way to more deeply understand the artworks shown in the gallery.

As musical director for the National Portrait Choir, Greg set about creating a choral audio guide – as visitors move through the gallery, they can listen to choral music that is contemporary to the pieces, sung by the choir themselves. To top it all off, it’s narrated by one of Britain’s best loved vocal talents, Simon Russell Beale.

We were asked to head along and produce a short documentary to explain what the guide is, its history, and what visitors can look forward to. Having experienced the guide ourselves, we can vouch 100% for the fact that the musical tour brings a whole new dimension to the artworks.

You can download the content via iTunes, or to stream via Spotify. Clever, eh?